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Kids Karting

Cadet Karting for Children over 8 years

Children over 8 years old can experience the thrill of driving our Cadet karts powered by petrol engines. Parents need to be aware that Karting is not without danger. Safety is paramount and for this reason children’s sessions must be vigorously controlled. To ensure the events are enjoyable, run smoothly and as safely as possible we have the following restrictions: -

  • Minimum age 8 years
  • Minimum Height 1 meter 40cm.
  • Maximum of 6 children on tract at any time.
  • Children between 8 and 11 years can only participate in a controlled lesson.
  • No children’s karting on Saturdays.
  • With the exception of Mondays all children karting must
    be pre-booked.

Size dictates which Karts people drive and they are charged accordingly. The small Cadet kart cost £15 for 15 minutes. Older children driving the larger karts are charges the normal rates of £20 for 15 minutes.

Children’s Karting is very popular. Novice drivers find Karting quite tiring due to the concentration required, so a little and often is probable the best policy.

We are happy to run family session; these must be pre- booked and require a minimum of 6 drivers all over 8years. These sessions last 20 minutes and have the benefit of exclusive track time costing £25pp.

Please note: - It may be necessary to split larger parties of children into manageable groups of around 6 drivers on the circuit at a time.

Children’s Parties & Mobile Curcuit

Parties Suitable for Children over 4 years and under 10 years.

The fully mobile Junior Karting facility suitable for younger children can be used at Oxford Stadium or a venue of your choice indoors or outdoors. The karts are electrically powered, extremely safe and are driven inside an inflatable barrier/track which is roughly the size of a badminton court.

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